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HRM -  MB201
1. Evolution of H RM 2.Functions of H RM 3. Challenges of HRM after globalization. 4. Line vs Staff 5. Job Analysis 6. System exchange Model 7. Cohort Analysis 8.Pecuniary utility model of training  9.HR accounting  10.Career Planning  11. Psychological contract 12.HR utility framework 13. Dunlop IR model 14.Quality of Work life 15.Workers participation in Management  16.Employee Engagement index  17.HR outsourcing  18.HR 6 sigma process 19. Emotional intelligence and competencies at work
20. Paradox framework for sustainable HRM

FM MB202
1.Agency Costs 2. Time value of money 3. Decision tree approach 4.corperate governance 5.Profit maximization 6.Risk return trade off 7. Adjusted pay-back period 8. Sensitivity analysis9. Marginal cost of capital 10.Walter’s dividend model 11.Net working capital 12Financial leverages 13.Operating cycle 14.Theory of dividend irrelevance 15.Cash dividend 16.ABC analysis 17.Finance function 18.Profitability index 19.Cost of capital 20. Value based management

BRM - MB203
1.Define Business Research and types of Research2. Process of Business Research 3.Types of Research Design 4.Measurement of central tendency mean, median, mode and standard deviation 5.Probability theory and its properties 6.Addition and Multiplication theorem of probability 7.Bay’s theorem and its application 8. Explain the Binomial theory with numerical an example 9.Explain the Poisson theory with an example 10.Normal distribution theory and its application with an example 11.Explain the various measurement technics 12. Explain the types of scaling technics  13. Explain the types of sampling 14 Explain the type-I and type-II error 15. Large sample tests for one mean and two means  16.Explain the T-test with example 17. Explain the ANOVA test 18. Explain the spearman rank correlation with an example 19. Explain the Karl Pearson correlation with an example 20.Explain the concept of regression and least square method with an example.

IB MB204-3
1.Define mnc 2.   Stage s of ib 3. Political envirollmnet  4. SAARC 5. Trips 6. Unitad 7. GATT 8. Licensing 9.Franchising 10. Stategic Alliances 11. 12.Contract manufacturing 13. International trade  14. Interculture communication 15 Global strtigic planning 16.Implmentation stratigies  17.WTO 18.Entry stratigies 19.ASEAN 20.Concepts of e-business

SMA MB205-2
1.SMA 2.Cost behavior and decision making 3. CVP Analysis  4. Marginal costing 5. Make or buy decision 6. Plant shut down 7. Standard costing 8. Types of standards 9. Variance analysis 10. Budgetary control  11. Performance budgeting 12 Zero based budgeting 13 Responsibility centers 14.Transfer pricing 15. Types of responsibility centers 16. Activity based costing 17. Activity based Vs traditional costing 18. Product life cycle19.  costing Target costing and cost analysis for pricing decisions 20.Competitor accounting
RM MB205-4
1. Retailing 2. Functions of retailing  3.Types of retailing   4.Modern retail formats in india    
5. Retailing in rural India. 6. International retailing. 7. Motives of international retailing .8.Relationshipmarketing in retailing    9.Social marketing in retail management 10.Franchising11.Pricing Strategies in retailing 12.Retail market segmentation 13.Sources of merchandise.14.Category management15.Logistics management16.Store layout design .17.Customer rights in consumer protection 18.Trade marks 19.Customer data analysis20. CRM process in retailing

last date  for submission without fine 25/04/2018
 with fine 500   22/4/2018



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